Evaporative Cooling

Inter Green evaporative cooling systems are designed to reduce the energy required for delivering cool fresh air to buildings.

Our technical development team have designed control systems that will monitor the internal climate conditions and adjust the rate of cool fresh air introduced to the building accordingly.Typical savings for providing air conditioning using evaporative cooling technology can be up to 90%. 

Evaporative Cooling Products

Mobile Cooling Unit

Mobile Cooling Unit

Commercial Cooling Unit

Commercial Cooling Unit

How Evaporative Cooling Works

Fresh air is driven through saturated pads (evaporative pads) and the air gives up thermal energy in evaporating the water. This is the same effect that we experience when we have had a shower and begin to feel cold when heat is drawn from our bodies as the water droplets evaporate.

Another everyday example of evaporative cooling is the pleasant sea breeze we experience when enjoying a walk along the coastline. Warmer air passing over water gets cooler (as the water evaporates) and we feel the resulting cool breeze.

The use of special fans and electronic control enables the InterGreen systems to operate at high levels of efficiency.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our mobile cooling units which are ideal for restaurants and cafes during the summer months.


Why use Evaporative Cooling?

An Intergreen Evaporative Cooler is not an air conditioner, as it does not use a compressor and Freon gas. We could not expect our Cooler to work as effectively as a refrigerated air conditioner but in the UK it will be more than enough for most applications. Our evaporative cooler compared with an air conditioner have the advantages: 

  • Low Purchasing cost
  • Low Installation Cost
  • Low Power consumption (90% Savings against conventional aircon)
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Green, energy-saving, eco-friendly
  • Windows and doors can be kept open
  • Multifunctional: Air cooling, ventilation, humidification, purifier
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • No stale air recirculation
  • Healthier system
  • No chemicals required

Resource efficiency is becoming increasingly important for us all and energy prices continue to rise above the average rate of inflation. Staff respond better to the cool fresh air that our evaporative cooling systems can deliver. We have a range of mobile/potable systems too and these are ideally suiited for events held in village halls or marquees during the summer months.If you are in any doubt we have completed projects that you could visit and decide first hand.

How Evaporative Cooling compares with other devices


Applications for Evaporative Cooling