Solar Panel Systems

Our systems are designed and built to perform consistently and reliably. Our investing partners insist that we incorporate the best available hardware to ensure that the system performs at its optimum level.

We are currently able to offer clients a fully funded solar PV system which can be provided on the following basis:

  1. The systems are fully financed by institutional investors who are seeking a stable return on their investments over a period of 20 years
  2. The systems are maintained and insured by the investors and their representatives
  3. Our delivery partner is a stong PLC company with diverse interests which make the company very stable
  4. Susbidised energy is available for the system hosting company at the rate of 2.35p per kWh for all the system generated power consumed by the occupier of the building
  5. The FiT (feed in tariff) income is retained by the investors as is any surplus system generated power

In simple terms every 1kW of installed capacity will generate approximately 1,000kWh per annum and requires 6.4 square metres of usable rooftop space. 

The current average cost per kWh for daytime electricity is circa £0.115 per kWh which means that every kWh of system generated power could save (11.5p minus 2.35p) 9.15p. 

So a company with sufficient rooftop space to accommodate a 500kW system would have access to 500,000kWh of subsidised energy p.a.

Based upon a saving of 9.15p per kWh this translates into a potential annual benefit of £45,750 for the next 20 years.

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