Partitioning Systems

Every Company has working practices that are unique, so we design layouts of office partitions & furniture that are individual, specific and tailored to your business needs. 

Below you will find our partitioning systems.  These systems can be used to give a contemporary, modern or more traditional feel to an office space. There are also bespoke options available. 


INTERGREEN (F-System) is a fully demountable and     re-locatable multi-purpose aluminium partition system that is simple and quick to install providing a cost effective and versatile range of partitioning for use in office environments where a simple, practical office divide is required.


INTERGREEN (F&S System) is a highly versatile demountable and re-locatable office partition system designed for use in both general office and light industrial areas and is constructed from steel, aluminium and plastic profiles together with plasterboard panels. One of the most well established performance partition systems available.

INTERGREEN ('Glaze' partition System) that combines function with the clear, aesthetic benefits of silicone glazing. Using a minimum number of aluminium framing sections, Vitrage provides an office divide that allows unhindered vision while still maintaining the privacy of individual offices.


INTERGREEN ('Glaze (dB)' System) is a stylish double glazed system, ideal for applications where acoustic performance is paramount




INTERGREEN (W-D System) combines the visual appeal and luxurious finish of natural wood with the flexibility and performance of a contemporary partition system.



INTERGREEN  (O-W System) offer an unrivalled choice of quality engineered moveable partitions that provide effective space management.