Financial assistance is available

We understand that most businesses are facing challenges in securing additional investment and working capital.

We have therefore developed an internally funded mechanism that enables our clients to benefit from extended credit terms. This scheme allows the cost savings afforded by the project to help repay the monthly installments over a period of up to 20 months.

We take a deposit of one third of the supply price (plus the full amount of VAT due on the transaction) of the specified system. The balance due is then spread over 20 months with the first payment falling due 30 days after the deposit payment has been made. Payments can be made by VISA or Mastercard although a small surcharge is then added to the deposit and installment amounts to cover our transaction processing fees.

The costs of installation can also be included in the scheme, however the credit terms for this element of the project will be agreed on a project by project basis.



Supply price for new LED lighting system = £7,500 plus VAT

Deposit required by Inter Green = £2,500 plus VAT (on the full supply price of £7,500 which equates to £1500 in this case), followed by 20 monthly installments of £250.

This finance facility is simply an arrangement for extended credit terms and there is no interest charge applied to the transaction.

The only additional charges will be where a client chooses to use a credit card to make payments and in those instances a charge will be made to reflect any transaction fee incurred by Inter Green. 

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