LED Lighting

LED Lighting or ‘Solid State Lighting’ as it is referred to in the United States has been gradually emerging as the leading technology in the commercial lighting market. This trend has been both predictable and inevitable based upon the high levels of investment that large companies have been making in R&D programmes.

The real benchmark for the lighting industry is the luminous efficiency of the light source. In the context of anticipated increases in wholesale energy prices and the threat of power shortages, some larger companies are urgently reviewing their exposure to the National Grid.

Some of the more enlightened organisations are seeking to become self-sufficient for their energy needs and this is triggering and stimulating demand for more energy efficient lighting (amongst other things).

The recent introduction of ISO50001 (Energy Management Systems) will certainly assist the marketing strategy for LED lights. It can be demonstrated that the return on investment from strategic investment in LED lighting (in terms of kilowatt hours saved) is 25 times more (per £1 invested) than could be achieved by investing in a 5KW wind turbine (in terms of kilowatt hours generated)!

It is therefore clear that the external market forces are certainly in favour of energy efficient technologies and solutions that can deliver short payback periods and long term savings.

Here are the types of Lighting we work with...

High Bays


         Street Lighting



low bays

Flood Lights

Spot Lights

Corn Lamps

Led Low Bay
Low Bay Light